Day Camp Counselors

For high school volunteers, day camp is a unique experience meant to expose our staff to the challenges of full-time counseling while providing some hours off for rest, reflection, and mentoring. Our Day Camp Counselors work with K5-3rd grade campers under the supervision of their Day Camp Directors. Senior staff work alongside Day Camp staff during the day and mentor day camp staff in the evening.


One Week of Service 

Our Day Camp staff are challenged through a condensed week of fast-paced service working with K5-3rd grade campers from 9 am to 5 pm. Evenings are spent serving as support staff for the rest of the camp through kitchen crew, grounds cleanup, and general maintenance. These five days of service prepare our Day Camp counselors for the round-the-clock work our senior staff are tasked with over our summer programs. Day camp is intended to be a stepping-stone position for high-school staff as they learn to take on the roles and responsibility of our full-time staff.

Build Leadership Skills

Our Day Camp staff experience the unique challenge of helping craft the schedule for their campers each day (under the supervision of senior staff). Day Camp counselors lead chapels, games, and other activities throughout the day with the support and supervision of senior staff. Our Day Camp program is uniquely structured to develop students as servant leaders characterized by humility, initiative, and a rock-solid work ethic. 




Day Camp Counselors also experience unique mentoring opportunities underneath their Day Camp Director and senior staff. Free evenings on campus provides opportunities for fellowship, prayer, and Bible study. Our Day Camp program provides opportunities for personal and spiritual growth throughout the five day week. Each Day Camp counselor is individually mentored under a senior counselor and spends their evenings learning the ins-and-outs of senior staff work. Extended training sessions and chapels continue to develop all staff into counselors equipped to handle any situation with wisdom and grace.

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